Bloodwork Services for Pets

When it comes to your pet’s health sometimes there’s more to it than meets the eye. Regular blood tests play a vital role in ensuring your pet lives a healthier and fuller life. Bloodwork allows us to get a clearer picture of your pet’s current condition and how best to treat it. To learn more about your pet’s bloodwork, call us at 519-972-9000

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What can blood tests reveal about my pet’s health?

Bloodwork can tell us a lot more about your pet’s health than any physical symptoms they may be showing. Some pets may show no signs of illness and may be better at masking their pain. This is where blood tests come in. They can help us diagnose, treat and monitor any underlying conditions your pet may be experiencing. With the help of our in-house laboratory, we can perform diagnostic tests at a more accurate and efficient rate. Blood tests can help reveal conditions such as:

  • Underlying diseases
  • Parasitic infections 
  • Allergies
  • Organ damage
  • Response to anesthesia

How often should my pet get a blood test?

It is routine for our veterinarians to request blood tests during your pet’s annual veterinary exam. This is why it’s important not to miss your pet’s routine checkups. If your pet is a senior, we recommend bringing them in twice a year. We may also request bloodwork for further analysis if your pet is experiencing any symptoms or pain. Overall, regular blood tests can help maintain your pet’s health and prevent them from contracting harmful diseases.

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