Behavioural Counselling for Pets

If you’re concerned about or bothered by an aspect of your pet’s behaviour, we can help. During a behavioural counselling session, our team of experts can work with you and your pet to create healthier habits. Disruptive behaviour can also be a sign of an underlying issue which is why it’s important to bring them in to see one of our veterinarians as soon as you notice any changes in their behaviour. To book an appointment or to learn more about our services, call us at 519-972-9000.

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How will my pet benefit from behavioural counselling?

Behavioural counselling can be beneficial for both pets and owners. Many aggressive, fearful, or inappropriate behaviours in dogs and cats can be modified through a combination of desensitization and counter-conditioning. These techniques can have dramatic results when applied properly. In some cases, medication can also help. We help teach you and your pet how to communicate in ways that are less disruptive and create healthier environments. During the session, our veterinarians will start by finding the source of your pet’s behaviour which could also result from an underlying health issue. From there we can create a plan to manage their behaviour and create healthier habits. 

How do I know if my pet needs behavioural counselling?

Pets love to play and every now and then it’s normal for them to misbehave. However, if you notice their behaviour is becoming disruptive, dangerous or hard to manage we recommend reaching out to us. Some common signs your pet may have behavioural issues include:

  • Excessive barking or growling
  • Peeing or soiling the house
  • Excessive licking or scratching
  • Separation anxiety or pacing 
  • Hiding or whining
  • Aggression towards other people or pets

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