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Weight Management for Pets

Maintaining a healthy weight could prevent your pet from developing certain health conditions. By creating a weight management plan, we can work together to find nutritional alternatives, exercises, and supplements, that work best for your pet. Call us at 519-972-9000 to learn more about our weight management plans.

Vet Referrals for Pets

Ranging from routine to advanced procedures, our team of veterinarians and veterinary technicians are fully equipped to meet all your pet's medical needs. Although we handle most of your pet’s medical and surgical needs in-house, we occasionally refer patients to veterinary specialists or specialty clinics when advanced training or equipment...

Veterinary Exam

Routine exams help us maintain your pet’s health and prevent any diseases from becoming chronic or fatal. Early detection can improve the prognosis of many diseases, keep medical costs down and help your pet live longer. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 519-972-9000 to schedule your pet’s veterinary exam.

Vaccinations for Puppies and Dogs

We’re here to help your puppy get started on the right path to a long and healthy life. The first few months are a critical period in your puppy’s development. The best way to keep your puppy or dog safe and healthy is to schedule their vaccinations regularly. Vaccines help...