Cannabis and Your Pets – What You Need to Know About Marijuana Toxicity

New laws regarding the legal consumption of marijuana, or cannabis, in Ontario has led to an increase in exposure of the drug to family pets. We are now seeing more cases of marijuana toxicity, primarily in dogs. While marijuana might offer health benefits for some adults suffering from various chronic illnesses, this primarily natural drug […]

Can My Pet Use Cannabis-Infused Products or CBD Oil?

Cannabis and cannabis-infused products are certainly having their turn in the spotlight. Last October, the Cannabis Act made it legal for adults to possess and access government regulated, quality-controlled cannabis. Now, adult consumers are able to legally acquire cannabis for both medical and non-medical purposes. As a result, we’ve seen a notable rise in the popularity of […]

Why Grain Free Diets May Be Dangerous to Your Dog

Unfortunately, it seems that fad diets aren’t just for humans anymore. Many dog owners are bombarded by messages from certain pet food brands advocating for grain free diets as a way to tackle allergies and weight gain. However, compounding research illustrates a strong correlation between grain-free diets and canine heart disease such as dilated cardiomyopathy. Why are […]

Ouch, My Belly Hurts!

Everything You Need to Know About Pancreatitis With the holidays just around the corner, our animal family members tend to take advantage of the hustle and bustle. They can get into the garbage when we’re not looking, or family members can feed them excessive treats because they are just so cute. No matter how hard […]